My Grandma Dorothy’s English Toffee recipe is a family secret, originating with my great-grandmother, passed down for over a century.  The secrecy of the recipe is such that it is passed on by creating the toffee personally.


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Creating English Toffee requires a balanced exactness of smell, color and texture.  To insure the quality of the English Toffee, each batch is hand-made, hand-stirred and continuously watched from the moment the first ingredient is added to the completion of the last step of the cooking cycle.

Through the art of mastering Grandma Dorothy’s English Toffee, I have been able to share the richness of this family tradition with family and friends.  My children encouraged me to share Grandma Dorothy’s English Toffee with the world.  It is with their encouragement that BAM was named (Bo, Ashley & Meagan) and created.

I owe a thank you to my husband and children for their continued support and a very big thank you to my Grandma Dorothy for entrusting me with the family secret.

Thank you for your business.  I hope you enjoy my treats as much as I have enjoyed crafting them for you.